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Classes & Groups

Intergenerational MEM group

We are inter-generational

Montclair Early Music is dedicated to providing music education to children and adults alike. We offer a wide range of classes and programs designed to help students learn and grow musically. First two classes are FREE.

Financial Aid available for children and adults. No one is turned away for financial hardship.

New Students Only

DragonBards [Introductory Course]



Introductory program for children ages 8-12. NJ assistance recipients - Use Code: FUN

Valid for 6 weeks

6-week Suzuki Method learning

Recorder Kids member access

Digital Music Library


Montclair Early Music is dedicated to introducing young children to the joys of music. We offer a unique way for children to learn to play an instrument. Children learn the language of music just the way they learned to speak. No nagging a child to "practice"; instead, parents play musical games with their child. We believe that learning to play an instrument should be fun!

Each week the child, with the help of a parent, embarks on an adventure to vanquish a dragon through music. Each song has unique musical characteristics. Some music will put the dragon to sleep; other music will scare the dragon away, etc. Small group classes facilitate teamwork as the children strategize about the best way to handle the week’s challenge. While learning to play Recorder they also learn about the history and folklore of various cultures.


At the conclusion of each session, children perform with the adults in concert, providing them with confidence which can applied to all areas of life. It's all about learning to be a team player while having fun and developing foundational skills that students can build on for years to come. Studies show that children who learn to play an instrument are more likely to do better academically and attend college!

Why the Recorder?

  • It’s inexpensive, about $10.

  • The recorder has a long history, going back to ancient times.

  • Classes take place at various locations in Montclair. 


$49 introductory 6 week course, new members only

$85/month weekly group lessons

$35/30 minute private lesson

Click here to see all plans.

We offer financial aid for qualifying families. Please contact us to find out more!


No previous musical experience necessary

At Montclair Early Music, we believe music should be accessible to everyone, no matter their skill level. This group offers the perfect opportunity for those who have prior musical experience or are just starting their musical journey. Performing is optional.


The recorder is easy to learn and comes in various voices — Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass — making it easy to form an ensemble.


Playing music with others is a special experience. All you need is a recorder of your own (we can recommend some great options!) and a willingness to learn.

Explore the "Six reasons to start learning a musical instrument as an adult!"




Click here to see all plans.


First Lutheran Church,

153 Park Street, Montclair, NJ






Every month

Adult Beginner & Intermediate Class

Valid until canceled

Hire Us

MEM Ensembles

Advanced Consort is available to play for your event:

  • Parties

  • Weddings

  • Funerals

  • Art Shows

  • Meetings

  • Shakespeare Events


Composed of professional and semi-professional musicians. We play a variety of music such as Medieval, Music of Shakespeare, Dance Music of the Renaissance, Masses and Motets, Baroque, and even some Jazz.


First Lutheran Church,

153 Park Street, Montclair, NJ


Consort Ensemble
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