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Featured Artists

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Dr. Elena Peres


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WOHS String Ensemble


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Heather Bennett


Music Program


Les Bouffons

Thoinot Arbeau (French, 1520-1595)

MEM Ensemble

La Sirena

Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi (Italian, 1554-1609)

Now is the Month of Maying

Thomas Morley (1558-1603)

The Fairie-round

Anthony Holborne (English, 1545-1602)

Dr. Elena Peres, violin
Louisa Valentín, soprano

Concerning Hobbits

Howard Shore (Canadian 1946 -   ), Frances Rosemary Walsh Arranged by Anne E. McKennon

MEM Vocal Ensemble
featuring cello & hurdy gurdy

The Misty Mountains

Howard Shore (Canadian 1946 -   )

MEM Ensemble

Lost Woods

Koji Kondo (Japanese, 1961 -   )
Arranged by Trevor Jackson

Wind Waker

Koji Kondo (Japanese, 1961 -   )

MEM Vocal Ensemble
Tim Boreale, soloist

Whereto Should I Express

Henry VIII of England
The ‘Henry VIII Manuscript,’ c. 1518
British Library Add MS 31922, f. 5I1V

MEM Ensemble

The Faerie Queene, Hornpipe

Henry Purcell (English, 1659 - 1695)


Jeremy Soule (American 1975 -  )

West Orange High School
String Ensemble
Dr. Elena Peres, Director

Renaissance Canzona

Adriano Banchieri (Italian, 1568-1634)
Arranged by C. Strommen


T. Albinoni/R. Giazotto
Arranged by J. Hoffman

Prelude and Fugue

Johann Sebastian Bach (German, 1685 - 1750)
Arranged by E. Del Borgo

Theme from "Game of Thrones"

by Ramin Djawadi (German, 1974 -  )
Arranged by L. Moore

Heather Bennett, piano
Louisa Valentín, soprano

Jenny of Oldstones from “Game of Thrones”

by Florence + The Machine

Words by George R. R. Martin

Heather Bennett, piano

Hedgewig's Theme
From Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone motion picture

John Williams

MEM Ensemble

Sumer is Icumen In, MS Harley 978

Traditional English song, mid 13th Century
Arranged by Jo-Ann Sheffer

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